About Find A Private GP

What is Find A Private GP?

Find A Private GP is a service provided to simplify the process of finding and booking a private GP appointment. We existing to create delightful patient experiences.

Why is Find A Private GP important?

Until Find A Private GP, patients were in the hands of Google when it came to finding a local private GP service. Google offers no ability to easily compare between services, either in terms of appointment availability or patient experience.

Find A Private GP changes this, by enabling patients to search for a local private GP service (or find a video private GP service), compare practices based on proximity, services, pricing, availability and reviews.

How can you help me?

We are strong advocates for offering online booking. With most patient record systems now offering online booking, we encourage all practices to consider making their availability visible online. Our algorithms rank practices offering online booking more highly than traditional analogue only practices.

For clinicians, our sister business ‘The Private GP Forum’ is designed to support private GP practices. It contains a selection of resources aimed at both existing practices, and clinicians considering opening a private practice.

How do I get my practice listed on Find A Private GP?

Find A Private GP is a curated list of private GP services. Practices listed on the site have been hand picked as practices that meet our criteria.

We look for practices offering high quality, evidence-based (NICE guideline) general practice. Services should run alongside NHS provision, enabling patients to freely move between the private sector and NHS. We only look to list CQC registered practices.

Do you run a high quality private GP service that meets these criteria? If so, you can apply to be listed on Find A Private GP via this link.

How come my practice is already listed on Find A Private GP?

Where we are aware of a private GP practice meets our listing criteria, for the benefit of patients, we may have included it in our search results. Any information shown has been taken from information available elsewhere online (at the time of publishing).

To ‘claim’ your listing, please visit your practice’s page, and follow the instructions to ‘claim this listing’. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you will be able to update your practice details, including your address, opening hours, pricing, and online booking.

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