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Our core belief is that every individual should have fast access to high quality primary care. General practice plays a vital role in preventing illness and assisting patients when they do become sick. All individuals need this access, no matter how the service is funded.

What services can a private GP provide?

Private GPs provide largely the same set of services as your regular GP. They can assess your symptoms and provide a diagnosis, they can issue prescriptions, conduct tests and help manage ongoing conditions.

In some cases, private GPs may direct you back to your NHS GP for your ongoing care - this is particularly the case for managing chronic diseases such as diabetes or cancer - but for the majority of ailments, a private GP will be well placed to assist you.

Why see a private GP?

Because private GP services are not dependent on government funding, they can be more flexible in how they provide care. For example, they may be able to offer appointments with the same clinician, longer appointments, same day appointments or home visits.

How much does a private GP appointment cost?

Private GP appointments vary in price, as determined by the provider you choose. Shorter appointments delivered online will typically be cheaper than extended appointments delivered in person.

As a rule of thumb, 15-minute appointments will cost from £50-£125, and 30-minute appointments from £100-£250. Should your clinician recommend any tests, such as blood tests or an ECG, these will be charged at an additional cost.

Can I use a private GP alongside my NHS GP?

Yes you can. Seeing a private GP does not impact on your NHS GP registration.

If you are seeing both your NHS GP and a private GP, you should share your private GP notes back with your NHS GP. Your private GP can normally give you a copy of your notes at the conclusion of your appointment. This way your NHS GP can maintain a consolidated record on your behalf.

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